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Client Spotlight: The Reset Foundation

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 Client Spotlight: The Reset Foundation

With the type of company we are and the products we build, we”re lucky enough to work with so many incredible, brag-worthy organizations that are truly changing the world. That”s why we love bragging about our clients and couldn”t wait to share their story with you!

Today, we”d like to take a minute to talk about The Reset Foundation. We”re huge fans of the people behind the foundation (we”re talking to you Keena & Jen!) and big supporters of their mission to re-imagine incarceration in America.

With the highest incarceration rate of any other country, America accounts for 25% of the world”s prison population and has a staggering 68% rearrested rate within three years of being released from prison.

These statistics are not only detrimental to our economy, but for the general well-being of our nation. Yet, nothing has come along to shake up the status quo and combat the flaws in our prison system. Until, now.

Insert: The Reset online casino Foundation – aiming to decrease these statistics with their “Reset Campuses.”

One factor is scientifically proven to change these statistics: Education. The Reset Foundation”s pilot campus flips the current prison system on its head and focuses on the education of the individuals, equipping students with the mindsets, skills and opportunities needed to succeed and contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

Designed with education at the forefront, the Reset Campuses resemble a college campus more than a typical prison. Men between the ages of 18 and 24, serving one to three year sentences for non-serious crimes will be given the opportunity to spend their sentenced time at the campus.

In addition to an education in the very literal sense, students will have the opportunity to learn career skills and study personal development for individual growth.

Fun fact: one of the Reset Foundation”s founders, Jen, even has her own TedX talk you can watch here

We”re excited to be a part of their journey and to see what the future holds for them!

Stay up to date on their exciting happenings as they get ready to launch their first campus this fall by connecting on Facebook.

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The Single Best Way to Visually Engage Your Evangelists

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TINTHowitWorks The Single Best Way to Visually Engage Your EvangelistsHave you ever had a brand connect directly with you on social media? For me, whenever a company engages with one of my posts I still get that fleeting, giddy moment of excitement. It’s a similar “feel-good” feeling I get when the person in front of me pays for my coffee!

Moments like these are instrumental in building relationships and strengthening brand loyalty. Whether it is a customer or a member of your organization, these personal connections create brand evangelists and strengthen your reach.

Engaging through social media has evolved, though. It’s gone beyond a simple retweet, comment or like. This paradigm shift in visual engagement redefines the social revolution with a new technology, allowing brands to connect with their evangelists on a whole new level.

Meet Tint.

Before Tint, I could to take a selfie in my favorite Groopt shirt (I would never!) and add a hashtag (#GrooptSelfie). Then, it may get a couple likes or retweets, which is fine and dandy but doesn’t do much for Groopt’s visual brand. With Tint, my #GrooptSelfie is displayed on Groopt’s website, promoted at the Groopt conference and extends the shelf life of my selfie, expanding Groopt’s visual brand and social evangelism.

Tint moves your brand’s evangelists from the sidelines of speculation right into the heart of your brand creation, making them a vital element of your growth.

“Wow, they’re shouting from the rooftops about me!”

It’s a way of validating to your evangelists their role with your organization while being able reach an even larger audience.

Click here to see how over 40,000 organizations have used Tint.

groopt heart orange copy The Single Best Way to Visually Engage Your Evangelists

Groopt Celebrates Birthday with Cards for SF Meals on Wheels

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Bday Cards Groopt Celebrates Birthday with Cards for SF Meals on WheelsHey! Did you know Groopt turned four on March 17th?

To celebrate our special day we held a St. Patrick’s day themed birthday shindig at the office. Our friends and even a couple of local clients came by and helped us decorate birthday cards for San Francisco’s Meals on Wheels to pass out to homebound seniors on their birthday.

You may be wondering what Meals on Wheels is and what they do… They are local nonprofit or “for-purpose” organization, as we like to call it, delivering meals to homebound seniors and so much more. Their mission is to nourish the whole person. Last year they served over 1,000,000 meals to 3,000 seniors in San Francisco.

The birthday cards made will be given to these seniors on their birthdays and we hope it helps brighten their day! A big thank you to everyone who helped!

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We Had a Refactor! A What?

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Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to completely re-organize and clean just about everything you own? I guess keeping your external world organized helps to keep you internally aligned.

So, we had one of these “episodes” at Groopt HQ back in November.

We looked around and thought, “Hey… the office could use some fresh paint.” So we went out and got paint, lots of paint. Our DIY project quickly escalated into a full blown office revamp. We added new couches, orange bean bag chairs and a projector for jumbo-sized powerpoint meetings and life-size FIFA matches…Because let’s be honest – a startup is not complete without bean bag chairs.

  • DSC 0266 We Had a Refactor! A What?
  • DSC 0273 We Had a Refactor! A What?
  • DSC 0282 We Had a Refactor! A What?
  • DSC 0285 We Had a Refactor! A What?
  • photo1 We Had a Refactor! A What?
  • DSC 0275 We Had a Refactor! A What?


After our external overhaul was finished, an internal reexamination was a natural progression…

Enter company-wide refactor.

A refactor being a term used amongst coders as a “technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior.” Essentially, we treated our company as the “existing body of code,” allowing ourselves to take another look at our mission and vision while standing behind the same values.

Before, we had the Grooptitution built around five pillars. As we launch Groopt Data, we re-visited the five pillars of the Grooptitution and without changing the external meaning of the Grooptitution, we refactored the five pillars to create the Groopt Philosophy and refine our Mission.

Groopt’s Mission: Helping groups leverage data to accomplish their civic, social, faith and funding goals with elegantly designed software.

The following Five Principles help us achieve this Mission…

1. Heart
Embrace each day with a true heart, guided by passion and integrity, all else comes naturally.

2. Happiness
We are in the business of making a difference and improving our world, but in all adventures, have fun and share happiness while doing it.

3. Challenge
We are trailblazers, creating a new path for others to follow. We challenge the status quo. We challenge the “do nots.” We challenge each other and most importantly, we challenge ourselves.

4. Resilience
We are a driven team with our heart set on accomplishing our vision. There will be no shortage of obstacles along our journey, but our resilience will overcome the adversities and we, as a team, will prevail.

5. Service
Our commitment to serve our clients, team and community improves the lives of those we serve and upholds our civic duty to build a better world.

These principles have permeated the Groopt Troop from the early days when Jordan, Patrick, Erik and Spencer were sitting around “The Table” eating top ramen with hot dogs and will continue to guide every decision moving forward. We will hire based on these principles. We will fire based on these principles. We will not waver from these principles because if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. We stand tall, proud and eager to fulfill the Groopt Vision: Helping Groups Succeed!

Does our Philosophy resonate with you? If so, share this post with your compadres!

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Guess Who Came to Visit Our Office?

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live your brand logo official Guess Who Came to Visit Our Office?Don’t you just love meeting new people who are “kicking butt at business”? We sure do and so does Melanie Spring, which is why she picked up and set out on a three-week cross-country road trip to meet innovative entrepreneurs and share their stories. And guess what? She just so happened to land at Groopt HQ to see what we had going on.

But let’s rewind. Who is this roadtripping chick? Melanie Spring is an entrepreneur herself, having spent four years geeking out on branding to get her D.C. based company, Sisarina, up and running before she began her Live Your Brand Tour (#brandtour). As Chief Inspiration Officer she teaches businesses and for-purpose organizations how to rock their brand.

She, like most of us, has heard all of the success stories of big companies like Zappos and decided, you know what, I want to know “who is doing something different right this minute? Who is living their brand while it’s growing?”

After visiting a doughnut shop in Pittsburgh,  a company making toys and other products for doggies in Denver and a cow waterbed company (if you don’t believe it click here) in Wisconsin, as well as host of other businesses, she came to Groopt HQ.

To see what inspiration she learned from spending an afternoon with us, click here and read on for more nuggets of fun facts about Groopt, as well a slightly disturbing side  profile picture of Jordan.

If you want to catch up on her road trip you can find all 11 articles here (we highly recommend you do this!!)

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Put $5 On It: Cycle for Survival

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i got 5 on it banner copy Put $5 On It: Cycle for Survival

Ahh! We are a mere 25 days away from pedaling our butts off at Cycle for Survival. It was such a vitalizing experience last year, we can’t wait to get back out there and do our part to raise more money for rare cancer research.

But, we can’t do it alone, so we’ve got to ask…Would you be willing to “put $5 on it”? Maybe you’re able to donate more (woohoo!), but we figured we’d start with $5. Plus it made for a catchy title.

Did you know more than half of people diagnosed with cancer are battling a rare form of the disease? Research on these rare cancers is drastically underfunded, which is why it’s so important that 100% of the money raised goes directly toward cancer research, benefiting patients directly.

Do you like a CHALLENGE? We thought you might. If you donate $20 we pledge to make you your very own 15-second vine video to thank you for your contribution to our team!  A one-of-a-kind video you won’t find anywhere else! And we’re goofballs, so you know it will be good for a laugh.

Click this stuff right here to visit our Cycle for Survival team page.

groopt cycle for survival Put $5 On It: Cycle for Survival

2014: The Year of the For-Purpose Organization

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For Purpose Organization 2014: The Year of the For Purpose OrganizationWhat is a for-purpose organization you ask? Well, for the past 40-some-odd years we’ve collectively referred to them as nonprofits, but you know what? We don’t like that name.

Rather than encompassing all of the benefits these organizations provide, the title “nonprofit” casts them aside. Non. Profit. Is there no profit from this type of organization? Maybe that’s because the gains being made are priceless. Providing a free meal to a hungry individual is priceless. Boosting a young child’s self esteem, is also priceless. But that’s not to say there’s not significant revenue generation, far from it!

Perhaps a meal to a hungry individual meant they had energy in the afternoon at a job interview. Developing self esteem in young children keeps them out of trouble. Part of the definition mentioned for the word “profit” is producing something. For-purpose organizations are producing something beyond economic profits… A better community, a better society and if you want to get really cliche, a better world.

This topic first struck a chord with us when Dan Pallota appeared in a TedTalk asking one thought provoking question after another. Dan showed us how the way we think about the nonprofit sector is wrong, helping us come to the conclusion that the word we use to identify them is equally as misguided.

Then, again last month, another chord was struck when we read that we aren’t the only ones who thought the word needed to hit the road. Adam Braun, founder of Pencils for Promise, is leading the for-purpose bandwagon, as was mentioned in a Forbes article on charitable startups. So no, we’re not the creators of this bandwagon, but we’re all aboard and think you should hop on.

Now just so happens to be the perfect time. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that nonprofits really became a coherent sector, which puts them right in their 40’s. And what typically happens after 40 years of existence? A midlife crises and change in identity! Perfect! Instead of a red ferrari or nose job, we’ll take a simple name change please.

We want 2014 to be the year we begin really referring to them as for-purpose. These organizations deserve to be bound to a title which praises their ambition to serve humanity instead of focusing on their shortcoming.

Who’s with us? If you agree “sign” your name in the comments to show your stance!

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The Most Un-Terrible Gifts to Give

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We’ve all been victims of terrible gifts. So maybe terrible is a strong word, but they were… well ya. It may have come in the form of a white elephant gift, in which case, you more or less expected it. Or it may have come right out of the blue, leaving you wishing it had just been a gift card. It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

So, how do you give un-terrible gifts, ones that are so great we made up our own word for them? It’s simple, really… Aren’t the best gifts those that have extra meaning in them? Gifts that empower people on the other side of the world. Gifts that make the world a little bit better of a place.

Not too long ago we stumbled upon this helpful website, which has both inspired and challenged us to go the extra mile this holiday season. We chose our five favorite gift ideas, so that hopefully, you too, will be inspired to give gifts with meaning.

photo copy 2 The Most Un Terrible Gifts to Give1. Krochet Kids
FUN FACT: Someone in our office is wearing one of these hats right now! Just look at  him, he loves his hat!  He also loves that this organization empowers women living in poverty in Uganda and Peru by teaching them the art of crocheting. The women in their program are given both a living wage and skill set, as well as education and mentorship. All from your purchase! You even get to see who made your hat. Lucy made the one in our office. Thank you Lucy!

2. Three Avocados
You just can’t go wrong with coffee, especially coffee that helps provide clean water in Uganda. Three Avocados Coffee does just that, 100% of the profits make the world a little bit better of a place. We say, skip the Starbucks gift card!

3. Sseko
Hey ladies, this one is for you! Sseko’s beautifully designed sandals provide women in Uganda a unique job opportunity during their nine month gap between high school and university. A job opportunity that instils both confidence and independence. Throughout those nine months they are employed by Sseko enabling them to earn and save enough money to pay for their college tuition. Read all about how this organization began here!

4. Better World Books
You also can’t go wrong with books! Always a safe choice for the “I-have-no-idea-what-to-get-you” person in your life. Plus, every time a book is purchased from this organization, a book is donated to a person in need. Ready to be wowed? They have re-used or recycled over 115 million books and raised over $15 million for global literacy and local libraries. Wow! And they have more than 8 million new and used book titles on their site. Take a peak!

5. Holiday Tribute Cards
These are such a simple yet meaningful gift. A handful of organizations such as UNICEF, St. Jude and Smile Train offer Holiday Tribute cards. Simply make a donation to any one of these organizations and they will mail cards for you to gift to your loved ones. Just write a note inside letting them know you made a contribution on their behalf.

Hopefully we’ve sparked some inspiration for your gift ideas. To see other organizations and products supporting great causes, hop on over here to, Shop With Meaning.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Groopt!

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Move Over Cyber Monday It's #GivingTuesday

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Move on over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is boldly going where no holiday has aimed to go before, to reclaim the purpose of giving season. With two days dedicated to holiday shopping, doesn’t it just feel right that we should also encourage a day of giving back? It’s not called purchasing season, after all.

This will be #GivingTuesday’s second year, as it only just came to life a year ago through the New York nonprofit 92nd Street Y, yet in such a short time it has already galvanized the giving community to gather together in support of nonprofit organizations.

This past Black Friday brought in an estimated $12.3 billion in sales.

Holy smokes! Imagine if just a portion online slots of that money went to nonprofit organizations.

We’d love for you to hop on the giving train today, and we’d love it even more if you chose to help support Cycle for Survival, a registered partner of #GivingTuesday. The Groopt Troop just so happens to have a team lined up to cycle again this February, and that team will definitely be wearing bright orange spandex shorts.

100% of the funds donated to this organization go directly to patients.

Help us fight the battle against rare cancers while we spend four hours cycling indoors!

You can donate to Groopt’s Cycle for Survival page here. Or you can also watch this super awesome, warm, fuzzy feeling video that may get you so incredibly jazzed about this organization you’ll want to join our team!


0 Move Over Cyber Monday It's #GivingTuesday


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Happy Thanksgiving From the Groopt Troop

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groopt thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving From the Groopt Troop

It’s almost Thanksgiving!

Some of us here are packed up and on our way to see family, others have begun preparation for tomorrow’s feasting, and a few of us are digging out our stretchy pants for Friday… totally necessary.

But more important than all of that, we here at Groopt are beyond thankful this Thanksgiving for the simple fact that very soon Groopt Data will be released out into the world! We can’t wait for it to shake things up in the land of databases and watch as it helps organizations boost their impact.

Besides collectively being thankful for Groopt Data, we checked in with just about everyone in our office to find out just exactly what they will be giving thanks for tomorrow.

I am thankful for being surrounded by such positive people in my workplace and the city I live in. San Francisco breeds creativity and I love waking up every day to surround myself with some of the brightest creative people I know.

I”m thankful to live and work amongst friends and colleagues who encourage each other to seek lofty goals while fostering a culture where process is just as important as outcome

For all of the things that keep my life simple — my family for their everlasting support, my friends for inspiring me and my skills for the opportunities they bring.

I”m thankful for everything!

So much to be thankful for! This year I am very thankful I landed at Groopt and get to be surrounded by these ingenious goofballs all day. I’m also thankful for the never ending support from my family and friends as well as plain, old creativity in general. No idea where it comes from, but keep on comin’!

I am thankful for my health. I know it sounds cliche” but this is truly the first year I have ever been thankful for my physical and mental well being. Last week I turned 28 years old, and the reality of my aging finally hit me. Working as a wish grantor for the Make A Wish foundation I have realized how lucky I am to make it this far with only minor nicks and scrapes. As a wise man once casino online told me “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

I”m thankful for our team. Very few successful companies have endured what we have nor made the sacrifices we have for such a noble cause and when we make it to the Elysian fields, we can say “we did this ourselves.”

I’m thankful for a company of dedicated friends helping me make a product that I’m passionate about and giving me the free reign to experiment and create something incredible.

I’m thankful for my friends and coworkers (lucky they’re the same people)… I strongly believe you are the average of the people you surround yourself with most and I am surrounded by people who continue to boost my average and make me better than I was yesterday, which is the only person you should strive to be better than (yourself).

I’m incredibly thankful for my family and their continued, unconditional support. I would not be in this amazing city, building my dream company with my closest friends if my family didn’t create a massive cross-bubble of support while I was figuring out the culinary difference between the different colors of sand at the beach.

Lastly, I’m thankful for my health… often overlooked and taken for granted, not missed until it’s gone. Especially with the recent #BatKid victory in Gotham City (aka SF), it’s important to remember that life and health is a gift – don’t squander it.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Groopt!


groopt circle end blog post Happy Thanksgiving From the Groopt Troop