EDU Tech: Groopt Connects Classrooms in Kenya

Groopt in the Classroom: Education Technology for Schools

Academies EDU Tech: Groopt Connects Classrooms in Kenya


How does Groopt work in the classroom?

Groopt is a private, productivity network to connect with your students and share assignments, schedules and communication. Create a group for each one of your classes and organize students into subgroups to manage privacy and permissions. This allows you to share and comment on files, messages or calendar events just with a specific group of students.  You can even setup automatic text and email reminders so they never miss another deadline!

Groopt connects teachers and staff across districts

Groopt Community allows you to network district staff by creating teachers & principals group across your district. Now biology teachers across the district can connect privately to share files and best practices, coordinate events and engage in effective conversations.

Groopt connects classrooms around the globe, even in Kenya!

Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya focuses on building a strong student community to improve the learning experience. Groopt Community supports their efforts with a free, online community to connect, share and most importantly, learn from each other. Students at Aha Khan truly appreciate belonging to their academic community and contributing to a larger vision of service.

“At the Academy, I feel part of a community. I am active in service projects that are making a real and lasting difference to people. I had no idea how important this would become for me.” - Senior School student, Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, Kenya

A few weeks after rolling out Groopt Community, Naheed Bardai, Vice Principal of the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa loves using Groopt in their classrooms.

“Groopt is an innovative tool to connect with my students in a simple and user-friendly way. I love the ease with which I can share important information, take question and comment on students’ opinions.” – Naheed Bardai, Vice Principal, Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa, Kenya

Kenya EDU Tech: Groopt Connects Classrooms in Kenya


Don’t take our word for it, check out why Edudemic loves Groopt for your classroom:

Key Features:

  • It’s free!
  • Facebook-like activity stream, but just for your private group / classroom
  • Document sharing, group document editing, creation, etc.
  • Group calendar (works with iCal, Google Calendar)
  • Send targeted texts and emails to members
  • iPhone and Android apps for your group
  • No advertisements!
  • Buy and sell stuff (field trip tickets, fundraising, etc.)
  • Voting / polling tools for all members
  • Analytics and tracking of just about every action done on your Groopt site
  • Get a custom website that ties into your Groopt page (not free)

How do I get started?

Any school can get a single classroom or an entire district set up for free without having to lift a finger. Groopt will create groups for all of your classrooms and even parents networks, inviting in as many people as you want. Email to jumpstart the process today!

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